Safe Connect Plus+ Dual Red/Green Laser

Safe Connect Plus+®
Dual Red/Green Laser

Over 200+ Harmonic Resonant Frequencies are encoded in Safe~Connect Plus+® products through the most advanced technology. There is a clear understanding in physics that all matter has oscillations, particular waves, or frequencies. We use a proprietary blend of resonant harmonic frequencies formulated by scientists, quantum physicists, doctors and healthcare practitioners. This formulated blend of harmonic frequencies is then encoded into the nano-crystals used in the dual red/green lasers.


  • Wavelength 650nm (Red) and 532nm (Green)
  • Output power 5mW
  • Batteries: 2
  • Dimensions 7 inches length, ½ inch diameter
Qty: Safe Connect Plus+ Dual Red/Green Laser
Only $250
  (+$25 S&H)